SVPs of Sales and senior executives of small to mid-size companies look to me when their sales are increasing and they are ready to make their sales team more productive.

I’m typically brought in when:

  • companies need to standardize sales processes to ensure optimal client experiences, truncated sales approaches, and predictable new employee on-boarding
  • leadership is ready to stand up a sales operations team, centralizing support for the field to allow for more revenue-generating time and consistent support services and materials
  • sales leaders are building out their sales technology stack, and want to make sure that the tech stack addresses all of the needs of the team and will be used

Your needs are custom, so your consulting will also be custom.  You’ll contact me and we’ll have a conversation that will leave you with a few solid ideas on how to get your sales team to be more productive, and how to get your sales process to work for you – and that may or may not include a continued consulting arrangement.  Your challenges are unique and our relationship will be, too, whether it’s a short term need or in-house support.

You’ll find me to be honest, assertive, and funny (I can liken most situations to a song or an SNL skit, so prepare yourself for those references) – but most importantly, you’ll find me to be thorough.  I want your sellers to be on the horn or on the streets, not wasting time on non-revenue generating activity!  Contact me.