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Your Sales Team is Leaving Money on the Table.

Executives, Sales SVPs, and Revenue Officers work with Shannon to fix their revenue and booking problems.

Shannon brings 15+ years of Sales Operations and Enablement experience to her audiences, speaking with her charismatic candor on topics such as Sales Productivity, Sales Operations, and Technology Adoption for business development and commercial teams.

Listen and watch in the squares below, and check out Shannon’s speaker sheet for a partial list of past engagements.

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(Check out what these sales professionals said about a recent keynote – listen here.)

The Guiding Light to Resource Allocation

Dreamforce, “Smart Up!  Using Smart Apps on Salesforce”

Females in Sales, “Sell Like a Lady Sales Lab”

Mindmatrix Pittsburgh Sales Event



Point Park University


Contemporary Craft

What People Are Saying

“I wanted to thank you once again for your participation last week in Vegas.  It was our first UNITE / Vegas event and your participation helped make it a successful and memorable one! …Relevant to your session, you received an average of 4.750 out of 5 which is outstanding – congrats!”

Larry Reeves

Chief Executive Officer, AA-ISP

“Shannon is one of the very best. What sets her apart is her focus on impacting business outcomes by aligning field sales, marketing with sales operations. I don’t believe I have ever worked with a sales enablement leader who was so consumed about providing value to the field sales organization. Shannon is a superb strategist, methodical planner with an incredible attention to detail.”

Steve W. Martin
Technology Sales Author, Sales Researcher, USC Faculty

Technology Adoption

Getting your team to use those apps!  So, you’ve made that big technology investment and can’t wait to see the results it promised!

But…how do you get your marketing and sales teams (or channel partners) excited to use it, and use it the way its intended?

Join companies like Salesforce.com who have Shannon J. Gregg, MBA, teach tips and techniques to increase selling efficiency and effectiveness via process and technology. This session will help you to get the most out of your tech spend.

Maximizing your team’s available selling time to increase revenue!

Adding more “feet on the street” won’t necessarily increase your bookings – but diagnosing your org’s sales productivity challenges will allow you to make shifts to find more sales time.

Join Shannon J. Gregg, MBA, for ways to hack your process and get more efficient (and effective) to increase your sales.

Sales Productivity Hacks


Transform and motivate your sales team!


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Shannon J. Gregg, PhD, MBA, brings 15+ years of Sales Operations and Enablement experience to her audiences, speaking on Driving Revenue via Productivity and Technology User Adoption for sales teams.