Available now, the new book “It’s About Time” is for professionals of all career levels. This book will benefit you and dramatically transform your approach to productivity and time management.  Written based off of years of experience at hustling time, the information in this book was provided by absolute experts who have launched businesses, had full-time families and careers, and have found ways to achieve and surpassed their goals by focusing on total time management.  Join authors R. Shawn McBride and Shannon J. Gregg as they help you to slay those time dragons.  Limited autographed copies are available – choose your author!

Companion worksheet available for free download:  Its About Time Book Worksheet 1-2

“It’s About Time is a runaway hit because it resonates with the real-life struggles business professionals are experiencing in the digital age. There’s more on our plates than ever before, coming from every direction from print to tweets, to pings and rings. Shannon and Shawn have nailed the reason why we are more distracted from the most important productivity tasks than ever before and they nail the most tangible ways to solve these problems as well.”  MARIO M. MARTINEZ, Jr., CEO, Founder & Digital Sales Evangelist, Vengreso



“As the CEO of an international digital marketing company, my time is extremely valuable. This book is a wonderful resource and probably had the most genius name for a book.  Ever. Read it!”  JASON ANTHONY, CEO, Jason Anthony Group


“It’s About Time is the right book at the right time; in today’s ever-connected world, there never seems to be enough time!  My company was founded on the ideals of using technology to improve process and automation, and Gregg and McBride have captured common-sense, no-nonsense tips on how to approach your life with a productive lens.” HARBINDER KHERA, CEO, Mindmatrix


“Time management is such an important skill for anyone that is serious about running a business. McBride and Gregg have constructed the how-to manual for improving your time management with practical real-world executables that anyone can implement quickly.  This one that should be kept close and re-read on occasion to keep the skills sharp.  Well done!” JIM WHIPP, CEO, St. Agnes Federal Credit Union


“As the CEO of a successful technology company, I’m always looking for ways to stay relevant and maximize productivity.  This book gives us the reminders that we need to manage our time successfully.  It’s a great tool for all busy professionals.” —TED TEELE, CEO, Touchtown


“Time is our most important and scarce resource; it brings us memories, great times, laughter, and tears, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s About Time is a great resource for all of us wanting to make the most out of our time to do the most good. As the leader of my company, working to prioritize clients, family, friends, and life, this is a great book to keep handy!” DIONNE MISCHLER, CEO, Inside Sales by Design


“As the CEO of a rapid-paced business consulting firm there are so many demands on my time. It’s About Time is an insightful guide to help keep my priorities aligned so that I can stay focused on delivering strategic value to my clients.” DENISE DeSIMONE, CEO, C-Leveled


“As business owners and moms, we recognize – over the 25 years of owning Champion Cheer Central – how important time management is in both our business and personal lives.  In today’s world where women have to handle their careers and families, it becomes extremely difficult to find the time to get everything done on your long list of never-ending things to do.  This book could not have come at a better time. It’s a must read for all working parents struggling to keep up with the everyday demands of life.” KIMBERLY KIRSCH SODER & HEATHER KIRSCH PETZ, CEO/President, Champion Cheer Central


“Life happens to all of us! Space on the calendar doesn’t magically open and in my world of PhD studies and the brave entry into entrepreneurship, it has become critical that my time, energy and resources are maximized. Productivity and prioritization is a way of life! And, that’s why the timeliness of this book is so critical.  If you want to work at your highest level and this book is in your hands, you’ve landed in the right spot.” –ATIYA ABDELMALIK, MSN, RN, CEO, Author, Leading with Wellbeing coach