Presented to the Salesforce Women in Technology Trailblazer Group, Sept 2019

Pre-Event:  Know yourself

It’s important to understand yourself, your mindset and your orientation towards self and others.  Carol Dweck describes people with a growth mindset in her book “Mindset” as those whose “internal monologue is not about judging themselves and others…they’re attuned to its implications for learning and constructive action: What can I learn from this? How can I improve? How can I help my partner do this better?”  You can inform yourself of your own mindset via this quiz:  You can also understand your orientation towards self and others via this short free version of the DISC profile:

Event:  Know another attendee

In his book The Trust Equation, Charles H. Green uses four objective variables to measure trustworthiness. These four variables are best described as: Credibility, Reliability, Intimacy and Self-Orientation.  Questions about someone else are one of the best ways to build trust with another; approach someone you don’t know, shake their hand and give your name, and ask questions to show your focus and truly listen to the response.  Take notes on the back of their business card to remind yourself where and when you met, and interesting points you discussed or follow-up actions to take.

Post-Event:  Remind them what you know

Follow through!  One of the best ways to show that your small talk had meaning and intention is to continue to build the relationship.  Add them on LinkedIn with a reminder of how you met and what you talked about, and if possible, offer a value tidbit. Look for future interaction points such as inviting them to coffee or lunch, having a video chat, or making an introduction to someone else in your network with whom they have mutual benefit or interests.