How many apps are in your sales tech stack? Chances are good that you have, at least, CRM and integrated marketing automation. It’s likely that you have even more apps sitting on top of your CRM, from service desk to ERP to analytics to contract management to power dialer to CPQ to surveys; for Salesforce, there are over 3000 apps and nearly 500 components on the App Exchange.

None of the apps in your tech stack will work without CRM adoption.

Many installed technologies struggle with user adoption, from HRIS to project management systems. Product owners aren’t appointed or change frequently, training is informal or unstable, and adoption post-launch either isn’t planned or continuous. However, Salesforce has rolled out Adoption Manager for mobile users in orgs in the US, UK, and Australia – and it’s a free component!


Here’s a video demo of Salesforce Adoption Manager in action. To enable it, from your admin Setup menu, type “Adoption Manager” into the search bar, simply tick the “Enable Salesforce Adoption Manager” box and click save.

Your mobile users are entered into an automated campaign which provides prompts based on actions that they have taken. It’s a great way to provide virtual 1:1 coaching for your Salesforce users.

What other tips do you have for driving Salesforce adoption?