Sales technology user adoption deserves constant attention, especially regarding your CRM system; it’s the single source of truth that becomes the baseline for sales forecasting, provides a predictable view for operational resource planning, and is a collaborative space for holistic views on accounts and opportunities.

If you’re using Salesforce, there is a great (and free) app on the AppExchange from Salesforce Labs that has 42 reports over three dashboards to show you who is adopting your instance well and who isn’t – and the insights are invaluable! Whether you are just launching a new Salesforce package or are in management mode, these dashboards will give you a way to visually and analytically evaluate current usage of typical use cases in the Sales Cloud and beyond.

Once you’ve installed the dashboards, you’ll be able to identify:

  • users who need additional training on critical components
  • users/departments who may not need full-license access
  • lead abandonment, lead funnel load, lead conversion rates
  • accounts/opportunities that have gone stagnant or don’t have critical information entered
  • stage that opportunities are entering CRM, identifying reasons behind rapid lead-to-close transitions
    and other factors that can help your Salesforce admins, Salesforce trainers, and sales management teams to lead your users to success. The primary value proposition of a CRM system is that it efficiently operationalizes activity, and by identifying which activities are not being completed accurately or appropriately and coaching your users to best practices, you’ll be giving them back more time to sell, market, and service.

Are you using reports or dashboards to evaluate adoption? What’s working for you?

TL/DR:  Watch an overview on YouTube instead!